Lawrence Ribbecke Studios is Vermont's premier source for Stained Glass Windows and Decorative Panels. Vermont's Largest Supplier of Stained Glass Materials.

Stained Glass Art Show

Friday Jan. 6th, through Monday Feb. 27

FLYNNDOG Gallery, 208 Flynn Ave (south end arts district), Burlington, VT

There will be an artists' reception with hors-d'ouvres and refreshments at 6 PM on Friday, January 13th.

We're pleased to announce a joint show, featuring works by Lawrence Ribbecke and Emily Stoneking. Lawrence and Emily are Burlington master craftspeople who've been designing and making stained glass windows and panels together for the past 16 years.

Their exhibit features Emily's careful reproductions of twelve calendar medallions, "Occupations of the Months" made during the 12th century for the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Lausanne, Switzerlnad. They are depictions of life and work in the agricutlural world of the time, a world roosted in faith. Religion gave an answer to the question, "Is what we see, all that there is?"

Larry's panels are an artist's reponse to some of the incredible discoveries being made not very far from the cathedral. Science has been concerned since the earliest recorded times with asking how the world works, which could be framed as the same question, "Is what we see, all that there is?" In Geneva, not very far from Lausanne at the other end of Lake Leman, scientists at C.E.R.N. have been searching for the invisible, matter and energy, fields and particles.

Sowing, reaping, cooking. Black holes, quantum theory, gravity waves. Faith and tradition, science and curiousity, these are some of the themes we explore in this exhibit.

Larry Ribbecke

Lawrence Ribbecke is a Master Craftsman with nearly forty year's experience in the design, manufacture and repair of stained glass of all kinds. He and his assistants have completed thousands of projects for homes, churches, and public buildings including schools, businesses, hotels and restaurants. His clients include builders, architects, church clergy and administrators, and many homeowners.

Lawrence Ribbecke's projects have included major Stained Glass Window restorations as well as commissions to design, build and install large new Stained Glass Windows for churches around New England, and also many windows for private residences, including door sidelights and transoms, windows for bathrooms, bedrooms, sunrooms and living rooms. Ribbecke has the capability to work with wood or metal sashes and frames, and to add or incorporate insulating glass or other protective glass to his windows.

In three Burlington Vermont buildings he maintains his Stained Glass Studio and also a retail store in which he offers tools, books, and craft supplies and materials for sale. In the separate warehouse he offers large sheets of colored Opalescent Glass, Cathedral glass, blown and drawn Antique Glass, and a very large inventory of specialty clear and patterned glasses for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. In a third building he maintains a small but well-equipped wood and machine shop for special architectural projects.

Samples of My Work

He is noted as an admirer of American and European historical styles, but as a designer he does not limit his windows by relying only on the past. Along with history and tradition, he often incorporates contemporary ideas and materials into his designs.

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