Classes at Yestermorrow

Stained Glass Intensive

Thatcher cementingThis course is designed for people who want to professionally incorporate stained glass windows or panels into their projects. Students will learn to design, build, install and repair stained glass windows either of their own making or under their care. Specifically, students will: learn to identify historic styles and traditions of stained glass, design and draw stained glass windows and panels, plan colors and make materials choices, cut glass and assemble it to professional standards, reinforce, protect, frame and install stained glass windows and panels, and learn repair, restoration, and conservation techniques.

Duration: 5 Days
Instructor: Chris Jeffrey
Location: This class will take place at Chris Jeffrey Stained Glass Studio in Barre, Vermont, 45 minutes from the Yestermorrow campus.
Tuition: $875
Materials: $115

For more information or to register, please visit Yestermorrow Design/Build School