Tools, Books & Supplies

Stained Glass Supply Store, Burlington, VTTools, Books & Material Sales

  • Vermont’s Largest Supplier of Stained Glass Materials
  • Prices highly competitive with Internet stained glass supply stores, even before their shipping charges
  • Stained Glass Hand Tools , Glass Cutters and Glass Pliers
  • Power tools including Glass Routers, Bandsaws and Ringsaws by Inland, Gryphon and Gemini/Taurus Companies
  • Copper Foil Tape and adhesive-backed in 21 sizes and types
  • Lead Came and Zinc, Brass and Copper glazing channels
  • Solder, Soldering Irons and Soldering Equipment
  • Solder Fluxes, Chemicals and Patinas
  • Handley Lamp Bases
  • Books on the Stained Glass craft, including how-to books, pattern books, and historical style books

Stained Glass Different ColorsTypes of Glass Available

  • We carry more than 600 types of Opalescent and Rolled Cathedral glass manufactured by Spectrum, Kokomo, Paul Wissmach, Youghiogheny, Oceana, and Uroboros Glass Companies.
  • Hand rolled Opalescent glass by Youghiogheny Glass Company
  • German Clear and colored Drawn Antique glass by Desag Glass Company
  • English Muffle Cathedral Glass
  • Seedy Glass, Pattern-textured Glass, Ribbed Glass and Reeded Glass for cabinet doors and privacy windows
  • Glue-chip (Ice-flower Glass)
  • Restoration Window Glass for authentic old-looking house and furniture projects
  • Beveled Glass Clusters and components and Colored Cast Glass Gems
  • Scrap glass for Stained Glass hobbyists and mosaic makers

Stained Glass Warehouse, Burlington, VTThe Warehouse

The Ribbecke Studios Warehouse includes full-size factory sheets of many types of glass, and is open to professionals in the trade, by appointment.